Credit: Caritas Luxembourg

The Rotary Club Esch-sur-Alzette has donated €5,000 to Caritas Buttek, the social grocery store of Caritas Luxembourg in Esch-sur-Alzette.

On 30 June 2020, Jean-Paul Wurth, President 2019/20 of the Rotary Club Esch-sur-Alzette presented Marie- Josée Jacobs and Caroline Theves from Caritas Luxembourg with a cheque for €5,000. Ms Jacobs thanked all the members of the Rotary Club Esch-sur-Alzette for their gesture and their regular support for Caritas Luxembourg initiatives, especially in these times of crisis where social groceries count 20% more customers.

Caritas Buttek social grocery stores provide families affected by poverty with food and daily necessities for about a third of the market price. This increases people's purchasing power. In addition, cooking classes are offered to customers of the social grocery store, to show them how to prepare healthy and balanced meals with all the products offered by social grocery stores. The kitchen area of ​​the Caritas Buttek was also created in 2013 thanks to a donation from the Rotary Club Esch-sur-Alzette.