Credit: Kangkan HALDER

On 24 November 2021, the the Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg (IBCL) held its first in-person post-pandemic business networking event.

The IBCL board decided to use this opportunity to promote health and a relaxed atmosphere for networking, coupled with a sport-related theme. For this first event, bowling was chosen.

Nearly 30 participants attended the event. Speaking to, Aditya Sharma, IBCL President, said: "IBCL is back, business is back and we are back with a new theme of business with energy, business with youth, business with life. All our future events will be mixed with activities those bring people together".

Daniela Clara Moraru, Co-founder of Fédération des Femmes Cheffes d’Entreprises de Luxembourg (FFCEL), commented: "I truly enjoed tonight's event because it foucused on the fun part of life, on playing and enjoying, spending time together with friends and business colleagues".

Madhumati Sharma, Founder of Workshop4Me, added: "This event is interactive and more about life, makes people want to open up and get to know other people as individuals and that makes easier doing business. It is a wonderful event".

Rashmi Vittal, President of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) in Luxembourg, was also enthusiatic about the event: "Today we are very happy to be here, kicking off this event with IBCL", and expressed a willingness to work together with the IBCL.

The next IBCL networking event is scheduled for 8 December 2021.