Sungard Availability Services has extended its offer in Luxembourg with the opening of a second business continuity centre in the former IBM premises.

One of the world leaders in business continuity services, Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), has just acquired a second business continuity centre at Contern's Lux Tech Centre. This work environment restoration site, previously managed by IBM Luxembourg, will allow Sungard AS customers to continue their business in the event of a major incident.

As of 1 November 2018, Sungard AS manages the building located in the Lux Tech Centre in Contern, about ten kilometres from the existing Sungard AS continuity centre in Munsbach, opened in 2004. 

The extension of the network of workplace catering centers aims to offer Sungard AS customers more efficient services by allowing them to continue their normal operations and activities in the event of an incident or disaster in their own offices such as a flood, fire or power outage.

Sungard AS plans to make additional investments in the new Contern site to modernise the building and its IT systems and thus enable existing customers in Luxembourg to have stronger resilience capabilities and customers who are already using the Contern Centre for Disaster Recovery to benefit from an immediate transition.