Credit: © Marc Lazzarini

The Bieschbecher Atelier, the social inclusion workshop of the Fondation Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung (FLB), a Luxembourgish association for the blind, recently celebrated the commitment of its employees during a festive ceremony held at the end of January in the CIPA party room at the Blannenheem.

The Mayor of the municipality Mersch, Michel Malherbe, representatives of the municipal council, the President and various members of the board of directors as well as the general director of the Fondation were present for the ceremony.

In the presence of their families and supervisors, four employees were recognised for their ten years of service, while eleven others were honoured for their fifteen years of service. During the opening of the ceremony, the Chairman of the board, Paul Ensch, highlighted the crucial importance of employees for the success of a company, a vision shared and supported by Mayor Malherbe.

After a speech by workshop manager Martine Brochmann, each employee received a commemorative gift, symbolising the gratitude of the entire workshop team.

The Bieschbecher Atelier, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2024, stressed that it remains committed to supporting and valuing its employees and emphasised the importance of social inclusion and well-being at work.