On Saturday 27 November 2021, the University of Luxembourg Incubator and Entrepreneurship Programme announced the startup "Veezzy" as the winner of the 9th edition of Ideation Camp.

The cash prize reached €10,000 for the first time to encourage startups to create the first version of their products or services.

The Ideation Camp 9 was held from 23 to 27 November 2021 and was open to students across all disciplines (Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates) and employees of the University of Luxembourg.

One Student team envisioned "Veezzy" to make the process of creating a professional video for small and medium-sized enterprises as easy as taking an Uber. Several mentors with various backgrounds helped the teams in different stages, from the beginning of the idea until the final pitch, all in the space of three days of continuous efforts.

The jury was composed of international and national investment experts and the winning choice was based on the quality of the project, strengths of the team and business outlook.