ING Night Marathon Luxembourg; Credit: VdL

Although this year's ING Night Marathon Luxembourg, due to be its 15th, has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ING Luxembourg has confirmed its commitment to the event by signing up as title sponsor, and Step by Step as event organiser, for the next five years.

This major sporting event attracts several thousand runners every year and has become a not-to-be-missed festive event for the whole city, filling the streets of Luxembourg with many fans coming to cheer on the runners.

ING Luxembourg has succeeded in making the marathon an event of growing success, as shown by the steadily increasing number of participants: the first edition in 2006 attracted 6,000 runners, in 2012 they were 10,000 and in 2019, 16,000 runners participated!
The marathon has become an annual event, deeply rooted in the local life of the Grand Duchy.

However, this flagship event is not just for the City of Luxembourg: ING and its employees are involved at every stage of organising and preparing the marathon, involving months of work before the big day: the planning of the marathon generates unparalleled motivation and enthusiasm.

As the current contract with the organiser Step by Step is coming to an end, ING Luxembourg has confirmed that the contract has been renewed for another 5 years.