The Grand Ducal Police have announced two drug-related incidents in Pétange, resulting in arrests and the confiscation of narcotics.

On the evening of Tuesday 18 June 2024, a police patrol responded to reports of an argument between two individuals on a bus in Pétange. Upon arrival, the police officers suspected that the individuals were involved in a drug transaction. Further investigation revealed that one person was a suspected drug dealer, while the other was wanted on an arrest warrant. The police seized hashish and pepper spray from the suspected dealer and filed a report on the incident.

In a separate event on Thursday 20 June 2024, police officers noted that during a bus inspection on Rue d'Athus, Pétange, they found a small tin box containing 32 drug seals among a passenger's belongings. The public prosecutor's office was promptly informed, leading to the suspect's arrest and the confiscation of the drugs, his mobile phone and cash. The suspect is scheduled to appear before the examining magistrate on the afternoon of Thursday.