; Credit: MFAMIGR

Luxembourg's Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region has just launched the virtual platform for newcomers to the Grand Duchy.

This new platform aims to provide quick access to information on daily life in Luxembourg and to facilitate active participation in the intercultural coexistence or "living together" in the Grand Duchy.

"Finding your way in a foreign country with foreign languages and a foreign culture is anything but easy", highlighted Corinne Cahen, Luxembourg's Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, in her welcome speech on "This platform is designed to help people find their way in their daily life in Luxembourg and to provide answers, we hope, to most of their questions". is provided by the Integration Department of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region in close partnership with numerous ministries, administrations and associations. The platform is aimed at anyone wishing to obtain information on Luxembourg and encourages citizen participation by facilitating access to related information. Although it is primarily intended as a guide for newcomers, it may also be useful for those who have been living and working in Luxembourg for a long time.

The platform comprises several virtual spaces:

- In the entrance hall, visitors receive a virtual welcome from Minister Cahen. In this room, they will also find a tutorial and a global orientation on all the functionalities of the platform as well as a feedback form;

- In the "Infocenter" room, visitors can discover the various stands of ministries, administrations and partners that offer information on daily life and integration in Luxembourg;

- The "Discover Luxembourg" area contains useful links that give visitors an initial overview of the Grand Duchy, its history, its sites to visit, its traditions and activities not to be missed;

- The virtual "Conference centre" offers workshops on integration topics, such as nationality, entrepreneurship or the country's languages. These workshops are available either as a live stream or as pre-recorded videos. 

The content of this platform will be regularly updated and completed.