Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Interior Minister Taina Bofferding visit some of the worst affected areas (pictured here in Born); Credit: © SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

The Luxembourg Government Council met in an extraordinary session on Thursday, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, to discuss the flooding.

On the basis of a report by Luxembourg's Minister of the Interior, Taina Bofferding, and the High Commissioner for National Protection, Luc Feller, the Government Council took stock of the recent bad weather and its consequences and thus declared the events that occurred across the country on 14 and 15 July 2021 "a natural disaster and calamity".

The Government Council has decided to put in place emergency measures to support the municipalities, people and businesses affected. A €50 million aid package will be made available to support the flood victims. This includes:

  • Financial assistance for private households - aimed at enabling flood victims to meet basic expenses. The request form as well as additional information are available on the website of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region: If necessary, those concerned can also contact the “solidarity” division of the ministry via tel.: 247-86523 or email:
  • Financial assistance for businesses - any artisanal, commercial, tourist or industrial enterprise that has suffered damage as a direct consequence of the flooding can benefit from financial assistance to repair the damage caused; this may include material damage caused to assets such as buildings, equipment, machinery or stocks. Further information about the eligible costs and practicalities of submitting a request are available from the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at the Ministry of the Economy via tel.: 247-74704 or emai:
  • Short-time work in the event of force majeure for affected companies - the Government Council has decided that the short-time work scheme in the event of force majeure can be applied to any company which, due to bad weather, encounters economic difficulties or which is unable to continue its usual activity. Further information about the procedures for submitting a request for this measure is available from the Secretariat of the Economic Committee via tel.: 8002-9191 or email:
  • Financial assistance for farms - the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development may grant financial aid to farms aimed at compensating for the damage caused. Details to follow in the coming days. In the meantime, farmers, winegrowers and gardeners can report any damage to the regional services of ASTA (Administration des services techniques de l'agriculture): those in the north (cantons: Mersch; Redange; Wiltz; Clervaux; Vianden; Diekirch) can contact their regional office via tel.: 803393-1 or email:; those in the south (cantons: Echternach; Grevenmacher; Remich; Esch-sur-Alzette; Luxembourg; Capellen) can contact their regional office via tel.: 457172-380 or email: Those concerned should contact the respective offices by 20 August 2021.
  • Financial aid for municipalities - municipalities can contact the Ministry of the Interior in order to receive compensation for damage to municipal property as a result of bad weather. Requests should be made via email: