The Grand Ducal Police has reported that a serious traffic accident occurred on the A13 motorway in southern Luxembourg on the evening of Friday 7 February 2020.

Around 21:20 on Friday, the police received reports of a traffic accident between two cars on the A13 near Frisange and in the direction of Germany, in which a vehicle overturned and came to a standstill on its roof.

The incident resulted in serious injuries for one motorist who received first aid on site before being taken to hospital. The exact circumstances leading to the traffic accident are not available.

While the emergency services responded to the incident, another accident reportedly took place near-by between two cars, in which no one was injured.

The following day, police reported that a motorist who was driving on the CR118 around 19:00 on Saturday evening lost control of his/her car at the exit from Scheidgen in eastern Luxembourg. The victim had to be rescued from the vehicle by the emergency services after colliding with a tree. He/she was then taken to hospital for medical treatment.