Art-in-the-office, a three-year project launched by Labgroup and with the support of ALD Automotive, integrates art into the day-to-day working environment by improving the aesthetics of everyday objects; for this first edition, Labgroup called upon a recognized talent from Luxembourg; the artist SUMO - his challenge, to transform Labgroup’s secure destruction containers into artwork.

"This project unites two conflicting concepts: destruction and creation. The creative element consists in the conception of an original artwork displayed on a container, which is ultimately destined to collect material for the purpose of destroying it. This paradox constitutes one of the fascinating aspects of the artwork. In addition, my works are typically composed of several layers, whereby each successive layer destroys the previous one" stated SUMO.

On Friday 3 June, all actors which have contributed to the success of the project Art-in-the-office, could admire a preview of the famous container redesigned by SUMO. Both aesthetic and functional, his artwork has been reproduced on 50 containers which have already been made available within the offices of Labgroup’s customers.

The event gave the occasion for the students of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (LTAM) to present their artworks which has been created as part of the Art-in-the-office competition: 16 unique and creative projects, amongst which a competent jury will have to choose the artwork that will be reproduced on Labgroup’s containers. 

The name of the winner will be announced during the exhibition which will take place this Tuesday 16 June, by a jury composed of the artist SUMO, a teacher of the LTAM, Bob Kneip (CEO, Kneip Communications) and Romain Poulles (CEO, ProNewTech), both passionate collectors and admirers of art. The winner will receive an award, offered by Orange Luxembourg.

During this event, the auction of the SUMO container will be closed (see, before the closing drink offered by the company Gmöhling which produces the secure destruction containers.

The next Art-in-the-office edition in 2017 will again request the recognised talent of SUMO and will open the Art-in-the-office competition to a new class of students. The project Art-in-the-office will be structured itself next year in the form of a non-profit making organisation.

"The importance of the social role of art is often underestimated and discouraged by our society. Labgroup wants, via Art-in-the office, to support this sector of the expression of shapes and colours. We aim to integrate art into our daily lives as well as the daily lives of our customers. On the one hand it is a way of thanking our customers for their trust, on the other hand, it is a way to remember that art has no limits. Artistic expression accompanies us every day and can be found even on the most common objects like our Labgroup containers. The collaboration with SUMO was logical since he does not limit his art to paintings" stated Bernard Moreau, CEO Labgroup.