(L-R) Karen played by Helena O’Hare; Tony played by Alex Teligadas; Credit: Otilia Dragan/Chronicle.lu

Chronicle.lu had the opportunity to sit in on the premiere of the Last Chance Saloon play by the New World Theatre Club (NWTC), which was followed by a performance of the “Sultry” a cappella group, both taking place at the Hollerich cultural centre in Luxembourg-Hollerich on Wednesday evening.

The short dramedy, written by Shari Gledhill and directed by Bjørn Clasen, is a two-layered, two-hander play. The plot crystallises from the fast-paced dialogue between Karen and the man introducing himself as Antonio – they meet in a bar, and although she is cold and distant, even mocking at times, there seems to be something between them worth exploring. Toeing the line between endearing and ridiculous, Tony (Alex Teligadas) repeatedly tries to impress Karen (Helena O’Hare) in an awkward game of seduction.

The intense conversation took twists and turns that kept the audience greatly entertained, uncovering vulnerable sides of both characters with great warmth and humour.

The a cappella jazz group Sultry performed after the play, echoing some of the play’s themes but also including musical surprises. Their varied repertoire featured some modern hits, but also spirituals, classical songs in English and French and even a beloved Disney tune.

Additional performances of this show will take place on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May 2023 at the Centre Culturel Hollerich at 20:00.

Tickets can be ordered by email at tickets@nwtc.lu (€20 for adults and €12 for students).