Daisy Meredith (Kalina Koeva) sitting alone on the "train" on her journey to her new school; Credit: Otilia Dragan/ Chronicle.lu

On the evening of Wednesday 13 March 2024, Chronicle.lu had the opportunity to sit in on the opening night performance of the BGT English Theatre Company's latest production, Daisy Pulls It Off, a play by Denise Deegan, at Abbaye de Neumünster (neimënster) in the Robert Krieps hall.

The fifteen actresses and one actor brought the Grangewood School for Girls to life in this playful and humorous parody of the popular girls’ school adventure stories of the 1930s.

The stage creatively transformed into various school settings and Daisy Meredith (Kalina Koeva), the poor elementary school girl who won a scholarship to the elite Grangewood School for Girls, discovers everything with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Soon enough, she also wins a new best friend, Trixie (Caeli Colgan), with whom she can now play tricks and go on adventures.

Beyond studying, excelling at everything she touches and making new friends at this prestigious school, however, Daisy soon faces bullying and practical jokes taken too far by Sybil Burlington (Josie Hatch) and her sidekick Monica Smithers (Hanne Siebens). The two mistrust her character and talents on account of being “poor”. They try everything in their power to get her out of their beloved school.

Soon, Daisy also learns that the Beaumont family, who own the building, are facing financial ruin. A mysterious treasure (who could save the Beaumont family) is rumoured to be hidden on the school grounds – although most students have stopped believing in it. Daisy and Trixie soon vow to find it, although they have to do so before the mysterious music teacher gets to it (she appears to be on the same quest). The enigmatic Mister Thompson, the groundsman who is always humming a strange tune, also seems to be hiding some secret that requires an explanation...

Overall an exciting, cheerful play full of levity but also high-tension moments, Daisy Pulls It Off is a charming tale of overcoming difficulties and proving oneself in the face of adversity, no matter how unfair. Spectators are taken on a part-musical, choral journey of earnest and friendly young heroines whose use of 1920s expressions and slang, in addition to the British patriotism add to its overall comedic atmosphere.

For those who missed the opening night, additional performances of Daisy Pulls It Off are scheduled to take place on Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March at 19:30. Tickets cost €20 (€12 for students) and reservations can be made via  https://www.neimenster.lu/en/events/daisy-pulls-it-off/.