Voices International, the international choir based in Luxembourg with members representing 35 different nationalities, has announced that they will perform "Jubilate Deo" from Dan Forrest for its 25th Anniversary Gala Concert on Saturday 2 April 2022 at 20:00 at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.

Dan Forrest's "Jubilate Deo" brings to life the global aspect of the traditional Psalm 100 text, "O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands," by setting it in seven different languages and drawing from a wide spectrum of musical influences.

The Gala concert will be performed in collaboration with the Eden Choir from El Sistema Luxembourg and the International School of Luxembourg Youth Choir. It is accompanied by the Gala Chamber Orchestra and Soloists Maya Libbey (Soprano) and Kathryn Fries (Alto) and directed by James Libbey.

Tickets can be purchased for €25 for adults and €15 for students from www.luxembourg-ticket.lu or tel: 470895-1.

All proceeds from the concert will be donated to children's charities.