The Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourg's parliament) has announced that Deputy (MP) Christophe Hansen will participate in a parliamentary trip to Ukraine, on Saturday 24 February 2024, marking the two-year anniversary since the start of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

MP Christophe Hansen (CSV) will represent Luxembourg’s Parliament in Kyiv. He is participating in the trip of a parliamentary initiative called “United for Ukraine”, which brings together the Presidents of the Foreign Affairs Committees of around 20 member countries of NATO and the European Union.

The parliamentary delegation will hold meetings with key political representatives of Ukraine. Christophe Hansen is Vice-President of the Foreign and European Affairs Committee of Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies.

Furthermore, Claude Wiseler, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, will hold a speech in Place de Clairefontaine in Luxembourg-Ville at 15:15, during the solidarity march organised by local associations LUkraine and ASTI.