Elena Simon, General Manager for Germany at G-Core Labs GmbH; Credit: G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs, a Luxembourg-based provider of cloud and edge solutions, has announced the opening of a new branch in Frankfurt, Germany.

G-Core Labs has launched its first cloud point of presence in Germany, in the city of Frankfurt. The service includes the integrated encryption technology Intel SGX for the creation of highly protected enclaves. The cloud also includes an artificial intelligence (AI) platform which supports full-cycle machine learning of any complexity.

This is the company's first point of presence in Germany and its 16th worldwide. The German servers are protected from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks at the network protocol level and located in Tier III data centres. The cloud services work on Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) Gen 3 processors.

According to G-Core Labs, the new location allows clients to easily scale IT infrastructure, speed up business development and design and test new products quickly and with maximum protection.

"Our cloud is deeply integrated with our other products and services, including our international content delivery network, which encompasses all continents and was included in the Guinness Book of Records", noted Elena Simon, General Manager for Germany at G-Core Labs GmbH. "The G-Core Labs team has expertise in expansion of online businesses to complicated regions: Latin America, known for its strong DDoS attacks, as well as the countries that require specified legal expertise: China and Russia. We'll be happy to share this knowledge with clients planning to expand their business".

Beside Frankfurt, G-Core Labs' public clouds are available in sixteen other locations, including Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore, Manassas and Santa Clara (both in the United States). The company is increasing its capacities and plans to launch over 20 extra points of presence worldwide.