Credit: Seqvoia

Luxembourg-based software provider Seqvoia has announced the opening of its new London office in the United Kingdom.

Seqvoia acquired a UK-based company last year and has used this entity to grow its presence in the country.

“[W]e want to be closer to our customers in London. Many of our key clients have their headquarters here and while we have been active in the UK for several years, we felt it was necessary to increase our physical presence and show a real commitment to the financial community in London", explained Nicolas Buck, CEO of Seqvoia. "Brexit, and this is a paradox, seems to have strengthened London as a financial centre where the big decisions are being taken. These decisions impact both the nature of the products, their domicile and the chosen providers to support the value chain”.

Mr Buck concluded: “The business-as-usual approach, especially within the asset management industry, is no longer sufficient to remain competitive. Companies need to fundamentally rethink their data operating model and see themselves as part of a larger financial (data) ecosystem, connecting their organisations to a diverse network of players spanning several specialisations and locations to streamline the value chain”.