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Outdoor Swimming Pools in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is known for rain and clouds, but now that it’s summer the blue skies and bright sun have returned. And what better way to celebrate the heat than a cooling and relaxing outdoor swim? Most Luxembourgers don’t have a pool in their backyard, but Luxembourg has a lot of outdoor and semi-outdoor pools that are open all summer. From the hills of Vianden, to the Wild lakes of the Oesling to even just outside of the City Centre, there’s a pool for everyone’s tastes and location!

Fully Outdoors:

  • Vianden Outdoor Pool
  • Freiluftschwimmbad Troisvierges
  • Remich Outdoor Pool
  • Swimming Pool Kaul
  • Parc Hotel - Dommeldange
  • Camping Plage Beaufort
  • Remerschen Lakes
  • The Upper-Sure Lake

Partly Outdoors:

  • Les Thermes
  • Aquasud
  • Piscine Kordall-Rodange
  • C.N.I Syrdall Schwemm
  • Escher Schwemm - Les bains du parc

Vianden Outdoor Pool

This Olympic-sized heated outdoor swimming pool is found not far from many Vianden landmarks, such as the Vianden Castle and Victor Hugo House. The pool is open all summer with something for everyone: a large slide, a kiddie pool, a small playground and even a lovely view of the castle. The tickets can be cheaper if bought in large groups (more than fifteen) or in booklets of six.

Website: http://www.vianden-info.lu/english/leisure/swimming-pool


Freiluftschwimmbad Troisvierges.

Open from July to August, the Freiluftschwimmbad in Troisvierges is a relatively new pool in Luxembourg. With a 45m long slide, a pool for children, fountains, Jacuzzis, showers and beach volleyball field, and much more, this heated outdoor pool is a great place for families. You can also buy tickets in large sets for a discount.

Website: https://www.troisvierges.info/schwimmbadtroisvierges


Remich Outdoor Pool

This outdoor pool in Remich is a great place for all. With multiple pools, one for children, one for “serious” swimming and one for the whole family. These pools have toys, fountains, diving stands and large slides. But the pools aren’t all, nearby there is a restaurant and a centre for youths. The pool is heated by solar panels and, best of all, this pool has seasonal passes tailored for all types of people, including multiple discounts and monthly or seasonal variants. You can even get Swimming Lessons for €5 per hour.

Website: http://www.remich.lu/piscine


Aquapark Kaul

Aquapark Kaul is a large heated outdoor pool with another pool for little children nearby. Aquapark has a slide and many events and activities for the whole family. Aquapark Kaul is part of the Camping Kaul, with onsite camping, playgrounds, a bike course, sports fields (like beach volleyball) and a full restaurant. Aquapark has its own prices and seasonal passes, but they can be combined with other parts of the park and camping.

Website: http://www.wiltz.lu/fr/base-de-loisirs-et-camping-kaul/aquapark


Parc Hotel Swimming Pool

Not far from Kirchberg, Parc Hotel Swimming Pool is actually the only outdoor pool in the Luxembourg City Commune. As part of the Alvisse Parc Hotel, the pool is usually not open to the public, however from June to August it is open for everyone. Once at the pool, you can relax at the terrace and get a drink from the hotel’s bar. There’s also a pool for small children.

Website: http://www.parc-hotel.lu/


Camp Beaufort

Camping Plage Beaufort is campgrounds for all manner of campers, from tents to trailers, and it has a great swimming pool to boot! The pool has a 50m slide, multiple pools, a separate pool for children and free WiFi! The campgrounds have many other things to do as well, ranging from bike tours to arts and crafts activities.

Website: http://www.camping.lu/en/campsites/plage-beaufort


Remerschen Lake

Unlike any pool, swimming in the Remerschen Lakes is a fun new experience with lots of different activities including watersports like surfing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and much more. Remerschen also offers more than water based activities, including trails around the islands and nature around the lakes.

Website: http://www.visitmoselle.lu/en/place/lakesrivers/remerschen-lakes


The Upper-Sure Lake

The Upper-Sure Lake, the source of 70% of Luxembourg’s drinking water and a natural reserve, is chock full of things to do. It has beautiful beaches and is open to the public for swimming, surfing, sailing, diving and boating! Fishers too can join in the fun with a permit from the offices of the Nature Park municipalities. Out of the water there are tons of fun activities and hiking or wandering trails to discover!

Website: http://www.naturpark-sure.lu/index.php?id=1;lang=en


Les Thermes

Located near the public schools of Strassen and not far from the train station, Les Thermes is one of the biggest pools in Luxembourg. With many awards under its belt, Les Thermes offers many types of pools, including a 25m swimming pool, an external pool, a baby pool, a wave pool and a whirlpool. Les Thermes also has two massive slides, one for swimmers of all ages that’s 80m long and a “turbo-speed” slide for the older crowd. Les Thermes also offers swimming classes and a pool built especially for learners that can change its depth. For those finished with swimming, there are bars and a restaurant. There’s even a fitness centre, saunas, steam baths, beauty centres, wellness centres and massages. Les Thermes has a wide variety of prices tailored to what you want to do and how much time you spend, including a special €2 late-night fee!

Website: http://www.lesthermes.net/en/



Aquasud is a new outdoor and indoor pool in Luxembourg that also boast Fitness and Wellness Centres with integral programs and passes for all. Including a large pool for laps and lessons, a pool for toddlers and a pool playground, full of little slides, ramps and wavepools, for the kids. Aquasud also offers Aquafitness and Aquacycling at an additional price.

Website: https://www.vert-marine.com/aquasud-differdange-luxembourg/


Piscine Kordall-Rodange

The Piscine Kordall-Rodange, affectionately known as PiKo, are two pools, one 50m long and 14m wide for laps and the second 50m long as well and 4m wide for having fun and relaxing. PiKo also has a massive slide that’s 80m long and 8m high. There’s also a sauna, Turkish baths and aquafitness centre. The best part, if the weather goes south, in seven minutes a retractable ceiling covers the pool from rain and storms.

Website: http://www.petange.lu/fr/Pages/PiKo-Accueil.aspx


C.N.I. Syrdall Schwimmbad

The C.N.I Syrdall Schwimmbad is a new swimming pool in Luxembourg with a year-round outdoor pool with whirlpools and enough activities for everyone. The outdoor is heated at 32 degrees. C.N.I. also offers a swimmers pool, a recreational pool, a pool for young children and a 65m slide with flashing lights and a sound system.

Website: http://www.syrdall-schwemm.lu/


Escher Schwemm - Les Bains du Parc

Les Bains du Parc are a five to ten minute walk from the city centre of Esch-Sur-Alzette. It hosts 3 pools and a 40m slide. Those pools are: A 10 by 3.5 meter pool for young children with fountains and a little slide, a 16 x 8 meter pool for relaxation and playing with whirlpools and jets of water, and a great 25 x 12.5 meter swimming pool with 5 lanes and a 1 meter springboard.

Website: http://lesbainsduparc.lu/piscine/