ILNAS, the Luxembourgish institute of normalisation, accreditation, security and quality of products and services, and SECURITYMADEIN.LU are holding a conference, in English, on "Standardisation and Cybersecurity" on Monday 21 October 2019 from 14:30 to 17:30 at the Cybersecurity Competence Centre (C3).

This conference, which forms part of Cybersecurity Week, will highlight normative developments in the field of Smart ICT (Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain), including normative developments related to cybersecurity and digital trust, as detailed in the latest edition of ILNAS' "Smart Secure ICT" national analysis.

In addition, the conference will detail the ongoing work of a specific standardisation technical committee, active in the areas of information security and digital trust. SECURITYMADEIN.LU will also introduce the Luxembourg cybersecurity ecosystem and technical standards and/or relevant technical standardisation committees within this ecosystem. Finally, ILNAS and SECURITYMADEIN.LU will inaugurate the new standards reading station at the C3 on this occasion.

The conference will be followed by a networking cocktail.

The detailed agenda of the conference, as well as registration, is available at

Venue: Cybersecurity Competence Centre (C3) (16 Boulevard d'Avranches, 1160 Luxembourg)


Price: n/a

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