Details: The Indian Association Luxembourg (IAL) has announced that it is organising a picnic on the banks of the Lac de Madine, one of France´s largest lakes, 168km from Luxembourg City, on Sunday 29 June from 09:30 until around 21:30.

The association is hiring one or more buses, each with a seating capacity of 44-50. The estimated cost per passenger is €15 (each occupied seat charged) and the meeting point is yet to be confirmed. 

The picnic will be based on Pot-Luck, where each family will contribute some dish and drinks to a common table for all to share. Being a bus drive, the IAL recommends bringing dry food.


Venue: Lac de Madine, France

Organiser: Indian Association Luxembourg (IAL)

Price: €15

Reservations: To reserve your place on this trip (by 15 June), make payment to the IAL's bank account at BIL-Luxembourg (IBAN LU86 0021 1397 1100 0000), mentioning "IAL Pic-Nic" + number of seats. In case of cancellation due to unforseen circumstances, the full amount will be reimbursed.

URL: For further details, see


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