The centre for socio-professional integration “Liewenshaff” in Merscheid has announced a new edition of its public event and open day set for Friday 21 June 2024 from 19:00.

Every year, the centre organises a public event aiming to connect the public with the young people of the centre to share a convivial moment through music. While in previous years (since 1999!), jazz and blues transformed the Liewenshaff into a stage, the latest festival took place in September 2023 – this summer, Serge Tonnar will be on the programme.

Serge Tonnar is on tour with songs from his latest album Jo an Amen, songs like sound photographs taken in the pandemic years, from 2020 to 2022. The album aims to be a return to essential values such as nature, friendship and love, as well as questions about the value of life in the eyes of “a rebel who tries to follow his path steering away from extremism on all sides, and who must defend himself, just to remain a humanist – a task that seems to be getting harder and harder,” the organisers noted. Nevertheless, the songs also contain humour, emotion and levity, as they suggest possible solutions. From time to time, Serge Tonnar and his musicians include new pieces in the programme. Musically, it is a return to basics, with sounds of world music, ballads and protest songs.

The "Liewenshaff" is a socio-educational centre that helps young people reintegrate into society. However, the "Liewenshaff" also promotes access to culture for all. By engaging the teenagers of the centre in the organisation and planning of cultural events such as the Jazz & Blues Festival or this year’s concert by Serge Tonnar, the aim is to introduce them to culture and strengthen their bonds with the rest of the community.

Entry costs 20€, 15€ for students and tickets are exclusively available via the box office. Catering will be available, with a BBQ and bar on-site.

Venue: Liewenshaff, 32 Duerfstrooss L-9165 Merscheid

Organiser: Liewenshaff

Price: 20€, 15€ for students

Reservations: Tickets only available at box office