The second edition of the WOOP - World of Possibilities technology conference, originally set to take place in March 2020 but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will take place at the Maison du Savoir in Esch-Belval on Tuesday 27 September 2022, starting at 09:50.

This new edition of WOOP aims to nourish reflection about the emerging post-COVID-19 world and to explore how to "change and act" (this year's theme) in order to understand it together. In 2019, the conference aimed to look at what place digitalisation would have in everyday life; now the question is rather what meaning it can bring.



09:50  Introduction to the defiance era by TechTrash duo Lauren Boudard and Dan Geiselhart

10:00  Will Europe be able to stand up against MANGAM? with Sven Clément and Gilles Babinet

10:30  Is trust now considered a luxury? with Adbu Gnaba, Jean-Baptiste Colas and Corine Lejbowicz


11:20  Is the quest for meaning at work going to become a KPI? with Anne Charlotte Vuccino and Isabelle Schlesser​​

11:50  Is it still necessary to have bosses? with Henri Leconte and Alexandre Pachulski

12:30- 13:45  Walking lunch


14:00  Which transhumanist do you relate to? with Audrey Pulvar
14:15  Will AI be the doctor of tomorrow? with Marine Baconnet and Christine Balagué


14:55  Will we be living in the metaverse tomorrow? with Nicolas Roussel, Pierre Cassou-Noguès and Isabelle Dijan Lignon

Martians against Earthlings

15:40  Can we already book our tickets to Mars? with Audrey Pulvar

15:55  Is humanity doomed to conquer new territories? with Michel Viso and Jean Baptiste Fressoz

16:30  Conclusion

A conference pass costs €300. Further information and registration details are available on the WOOP website:

Venue: Maison du Savoir, Esch-Belval

Organiser: WOOP

Price: €300

Reservations: See website

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