On Tuesday 6 February 2024, the LCGB and OGBL trade unions announced that employees from the DuPont de Nemours, Dupont Teijin & Performance Solutions companies appeared to have experienced a salary shortfall of up to 30%.

The trade unions noted that following the implementation of a new salary management system on the American continent, the human resources of the Luxembourg sites are no longer able to ensure the appropriate payment of salaries and supplements due to employees.

The staff delegation supported by the LCGB and OGBL trade unions denounced this situation. The staff delegation and unions have attempted to remedy this issue since October 2023. Given this lack of result, the unions asked for the old management system to be put back in place to restore this situation until further notice.

If needed, the LCGB and the OGBL trade unions concluded by saying they reserve the right to take any action they deem necessary.