Inemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal variations; Credit: STATEC

The number of available resident job seekers registered with ADEM stood at 18,198 as of 31 December 2023, an increase of 2,438 people (or 15.5%) compared to December 2022.

According to ADEM, this number of job seekers is increasing for all periods of vacancy. The most qualified job seekers (higher education graduates) as well as young people under 30 experienced the largest increases. At the level of professions, the most significant upward variations concerned the construction professions, communication, media and multimedia, the financial and real estate sector, industry, IT, accounting and business strategy.

The unemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal variations, calculated by STATEC, was 5.5%. The previous unemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal variations, calculated by STATEC in December was 5.7%.

The number of new registrations of job seekers is on the rise. 2,278 residents were registered with ADEM during December 2023, an increase of 96 people or 4.4% compared to December 2022. The new registrations this month included 76 registrations of beneficiaries of temporary protection (refugees coming from Ukraine).

The number of resident job seekers who benefit from full unemployment benefits has increased by 2,146 people or 28% over one year, to stand at 9,820 as of 31 December 2023. The number of beneficiaries of one measurement stood at 4,086, a slight increase (1.9%) compared to December 2022.

During December 2023, employers declared 2,226 vacant positions to ADEM, which corresponds to 16.9% down compared to December 2022.

The total number of positions available at the end of the month stood at 6,997 as of 31 December 2023. The one-year decline was 36%. This decline mainly impacted the business consulting professions, IT, transport and logistics, construction and hospitality - catering, tourism, leisure and entertainment.