Pluxee global team in Luxembourg; Credit: Pluxee

Sodexo Group has announced the launch of "Pluxee" meal and gift vouchers in Luxembourg.

As announced globally last June, Sodexo Group is introducing Pluxee, a new autonomous brand gradually replacing its Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services (Sodexo BRS) activities around the world. Pluxee launched in Luxembourg in October 2023; 80,000 beneficiaries of meal and gift vouchers (paper and digitalised) will switch gradually to the new Pluxee branded cards. By the end of 2023, Pluxee will also launch a new virtual card, linked to one's mobile device.

Over the next few months, employees affiliated with Pluxee through their employer will receive new cards. All products in Luxembourg, previously branded "Sodexo BRS" (Sodexo Lunch Pass card and Lunch Pass vouchers, Gift Pass vouchers) can still be used during their validity period. All merchants accepting the Sodexo BRS products as means of payment will de facto accept their Pluxee products counterparts.

According to Sodexo Group, the objective of this global rebranding is threefold: to better support companies in the face of changes at the workplace and individual expectations of well-being and fulfilment; to support its growth strategy, by creating more value for all stakeholders; to prepare the spinoff and listing project announced by Sodexo in April 2023.

"The growing popularity of social vouchers is a clear signal that employers see the added value in this to both support and encourage their employees in their pursuits outside work. With a solid 34-years presence in Luxembourg, Pluxee is determined to further explore the opportunities within these extra-legal benefits and continue to grow to meet the needs of employers, employees and local merchants," commented Sven Marinus, CEO of Pluxee Belgium and Luxembourg.

The transition of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services to Pluxee coincides with a change of legislation in Luxembourg. From 1 January 2025, meal vouchers in digital format will become the norm and it will no longer be possible to issue meal vouchers in paper format. As a result, paper vouchers will disappear from use. Pluxee is going a step further by introducing virtual cards at the end of this year. These cards use the financial software of Pluxee Pay (mobile payment solution for Android) and Apple Pay on smartphones. However, the physical (digitalised) cards will still remain available to all users.

Pluxee continues Sodexo's social and sustainability ambitions as a renewed organisation, noted Sodexo Group. In the last couple of years, the company has reduced its environmental footprint by digitalising contracts, offering cardless payments, working with eco-conscious vendors and using clean energy sources. The company has also committed itself to supporting individuals and communities by promoting diversity and inclusion and partnering with NGOs. In Luxembourg, it has partnered with Caritas since 2009 and more than €275,000 have already been collected thanks to lunch vouchers donations from consumers.