Luxembourg's Economic Committee has granted requests for short-time work (partial unemployment) for 9,160 employees for the month of December 2022.

The Economic Committee met on Tuesday 22 November 2022 to analyse the labour market situation for the month of October 2022 and the national economic situation.

In November 2022, the number of applications submitted for partial unemployment increased by seven units compared to the previous month. A total of 115 companies have submitted a request for partial unemployment in order to be able to benefit from the provisions of this measure in December 2022.

After analysing the applications submitted, the Economic Committee approved 100 requests, with the final decision on the allocation of this support resting with the Government Council (Luxembourg's cabinet). Among the approved requests, 77 were based on the economic situation while fourteen were linked to a structural source, i.e. a job retention plan, and nine were related to economic dependence.

The granted (provisional) requests for the month of December concern 9,160 full-time employees (down from 8,312 in November).

The Economic Committee issued a negative opinion on three new job retention and recovery plans.

Moreover, the Economic Committee approved one request for tax exemption of voluntary severance pay, concerning nine people.

The next Economic Committee meeting will take place on Tuesday 20 December 2022.