The Luxembourg Economic Committee ("Comité de conjuncture") today met to analyse the labour market situation as of March 2019 and national economic situation.

For the month of April 2019, the number of applications submitted for part-time work increased by one unit compared with the previous month. In total, 13 companies applied for partial unemployment benefits in order to benefit from the provisions of this measure in the next month. After analysing the applications submitted, the Economic Committee approved all 13 requests, the final decision of the allocation of this support remaining the responsibility of the Cabinet.

In the companies concerned, it is expected that out of a total workforce of 1,890 people, 803 employees work on a reduced schedule. The expenditure chargeable to the Employment Fund for the month of May 2019 is €700,300 if all the companies concerned take full advantage of the short-time work schemes granted.

In addition, the Economic Committee approved two applications for tax exemption for voluntary redundancy benefits, pursuant to section 115 (10) L.I.R. These requests concerned 25 people.

The next Economic Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 22 May 2019.