Credit: LUNEX

LUNEX has announced the launch of its (English-language) Certificate in Corporate Health Management, an area the Differdange-based university described as "one of the fastest growing fields in business".

Spanning 24 hours of instruction, one full day and four afternoons, over a six-month period, the programme will be delivered at Luxexpo The Box in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

The first programme cycle will start on 28 June 2024, with registrations considered on a rolling basis.

According to LUNEX, the course, taught in English, features interactive learning inspired by experts from science and practice that culminates in the creation of an individual action plan for implementation at participant organisations. Parts of the programme can be taken online to provide flexibility to participants for integrating their educational aspirations with commitments at work and in their private lives.

Moreover, the course is designed to form the foundation of a community platform for "much needed" discussion, exchanges and advances on the topic of corporate health management in Luxembourg.

Programme modules Include:
- How do People function? Motivation, emotion, and engagement
- From Individuals to Organisations: Together everyone achieves more (TEAM), organisational systems, behaviour, and challenges
- The Process of Corporate Health Management: Identifying needs (e.g. stress and burnout, back pain or cardiovascular problems), designing prevention, interventions, preparing, promoting and managing change, monitoring results
- Preventing Ill-being & Implementing Health: Ideas, best practices, solutions and strategies in areas such mental health, skeleton and muscles, or inner organs
- Health is Wealth: Economics, leadership, executive decision making. 

Based on "cutting-edge" knowledge from science and practice, participants can expect to develop expertise in creating novel strategies to attract, motivate, develop and retain talent as a basis for driving employee engagement and overall business performance.

The programme is open to professionals with a bachelor's degree and at least two years of relevant experience, although admissions can be flexible based on work experience.

For more information and registration, visit: