Credit: ALIA

ALIA, the Luxembourg Independent Media Authority, recently published a report providing a detailed overview of its activities, challenges and achievements over the past year.

The report highlights the 1991 reform of electronic media legislation, emphasising the changes needed to adapt to technological and societal developments. The report also underscores the authority's efforts to promote media literacy among citizens. Associated with ALIA's other activities on the European and international scene, cooperation with the various regulatory authorities and participation in international forums make it possible to discuss subjects such as the protection of minors, the fight against disinformation and the legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI). Concerning AI, the report notably identifies opportunities associated with this emerging technology, such as the use of AI as a surveillance tool.

In addition to the monitoring and regulation of audiovisual media services, media monitoring during electoral periods was another key point of ALIA's activities in 2023. The law of 22 July 2022 assigned to ALIA the mission of organising media electoral campaigns broadcast through public service media. In this regard, ALIA reported that in addition to developing guiding principles, it monitored their proper application during the electoral campaigns and subsequently prepared reports on the progress of the campaigns in the media.

ALIA's 2023 annual report is now available on the association's website: