Luxembourg has ranked 9th in a study on where expatriates contribute the most to their local economy. 

The study was undertaken by experts at William Russell, who ranked over 30 countries on factors such as employment rates, further education rates and financial contributions to the economy.

According to William Russell, new data has revealed which countries around the world see the biggest impact on their local economy as a result of their expatriate population.

With the highest employment rate for expatriates, New Zealand was ranked as the top country where the expatriate community is crucial to the local economy. They were closely followed by Poland which had a similarly high employment rate, and the UK. 

The research found only three countries where the expatriate community contributed more revenue per capita to the economy than native-born residents. These were Portugal, Switzerland and the UK where expatriates were found to contribute 17%, 1,% and 1% more respectively. 

Canada had the highest rate of expatriates who had pursued further education (69.7%), however missed out on a top 10 spot due to their higher unemployment rate. 

A score above 1 in the revenue per capita ratio indicates that the economic contributions from foreign-born residents are higher than native residents. 

The full Expat Economy Index is available here: 

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