The Accident Insurance Association (AAA) in Luxembourg has just published its annual report for the year 2021; this document provides an overview of the operation, missions, activities, statistics as well as AAA's financial results to all stakeholders.

In 2021, a total of 16,540 accident files were processed; of the recognised accidents, 13,712 were accidents at work, 2,589 were commuting accidents and 239 addressed occupational diseases. Despite the pandemic, the number of workers increased significantly (15,732 more than in 2020): in 2021, Luxembourg had 31,353 companies and 469,166 workers registered. On average, the AAA received around a hundred declarations per day and the average cost of an accident for the year 2021 amounted to €3,867.

As for 2020, the changes in working conditions caused by the pandemic impacted the statistics for 2021. There is a slight increase in recognised accidents of 1,125 cases compared to 2020; however, the statistics show that we are still well below the figures for 2019 (less than 15% for accidents at work and less than 29% for commuting accidents). The number of fatal accidents has also decreased and there were nine fewer victims than in 2020.

The number of occupational diseases is still higher than in 2019, showing an increase of around 88% in relation to people who contracted COVID in the workplace.

The fall in the number of accidents has a beneficial effect on the accident frequency rate, which shows 3.53% in 2021, i.e. a decrease of 22.8% compared to 2019.

In the field of prevention, the National VISION ZERO Charter is nearing the end of its initial duration (2016-2022). In a desire for improvement and continuous progress, new national objectives have been set for the period from 2023 to 2030. Institutional partners and companies will be encouraged to subscribe to the national VISION ZERO strategy. The new media campaign, launched in 2021, also aims to promote a culture of prevention in companies.

About the AAA

The Accident Insurance Association is a public institution responsible for the prevention and compensation of accidents at work, commuting and occupational diseases. Created by the legislator in 1901, the AAA is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Security and is managed by a board of directors. The AAA departments ensuring relations with employers and insured persons are the “Prevention” department and the “Benefits” department.

The "Benefits" department manages the files and deals with the processing of cases: instruction with a view to the decision on coverage as an accident at work, commuting or occupational disease and compensation after coverage by the accident insurance.

The missions of the "Prevention" service are advice, training and awareness-raising with a view to helping companies and employees to better develop their culture of prevention and to fulfill their legal and regulatory obligations in terms of safety and health at work.