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ASTI, the non-profit association for migrant workers in Luxembourg, has announced the launch of an online project to help primary school pupils with academic delay during the summer holidays.

The confinement period, which for some children was compounded by being from a socially disadvantaged family and / or from a migrant background, has led to academic delays for many students. As such, ASTI, at the request of the City of Luxembourg, has decided to launch an online project to support children suffering academic delays during the summer break.

This project is inspired by positive experiences gathered by ASTI in the context of its online homework help service, which was offered during confinement, and its long-term school support service.

ASTI will thus use the summer holidays as an opportunity to offer children a fun and attractive way revise, practise reading, speak and / or write in the country's spoken languages and learn language basics. This offer is available to all primary students, including children of cycle I attending a public school in the City of Luxembourg. 

Working online will facilitate organizational matters, since these activities can take place at any time regardless of where the people involved are - all that is needed is an internet connection. ASTI will second staff from its KANNERNASCHT open house, funded by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, to coordinate and carry out these activities.

A large pool of volunteers motivated to help these children who are behind in school completes the teaching team. This makes it possible to offer individualised supervision of children and to establish a relationship of trust based on reciprocal commitment from the child and the volunteer.

This project is part of other school support projects planned for the summer holidays, such as the one that will be led by the Education Ministry aimed at offering an academic review of student learning for the first 15 days of September.

Parents interested in this support service should contact Yolande Antony at ASTI via tel.: 438-3331 or email: