Credit: Satispay

Satispay, a leading Italian mobile payment platform headquartered in Luxembourg, has announced the introduction of its new "CARDS" service.

The new service allows Satispay users to view all loyalty cards, gift cards and documents in the mobile application. With CARDS, all types of cards with a barcode can be scanned in the Satispay app. Once the cards are stored within the app, they can be used at any moment. App users can click directly on the card of interest to open it and view the barcode to be shown at the time of payment or put it under a scanner when using an ATM.

Alberto Dalmasso, co-founder and CEO of Satispay, commented: “With the launch of this new service, Satispay takes another step on its path towards an all-round super app, which offers immediate access to any type of payment or money management related activity. We wanted to find a solution that would make the wallet of users totally virtual, to simplify their shopping experience – from loyalty card to payment, all in one application”.

Satispay has over 350 merchants signed up in Luxembourg including Paris8, Ferber, The MansoGroup, Concept+Partners, Urban Bar, Bazaar Bar and Restaurant, Bistrot Beim Renert, Maestri Della Pasta, Häagen-Dazs and Kaempff-Kholer. A team of 25 locally based Satispay employees supports these merchants as well as the thousands of consumers that already use mobile payments on a regular basis. Building on this success, Satispay is set to accelerate its growth and European expansion from Luxembourg.

“We have a special bond with Luxembourg as we chose the country to open our European headquarters and to register our Electronic Money Institution license. Luxembourg has proven to be an excellent choice, as it is an ideal multicultural testing ground for Satispay to roll out our offering. It has the right size for urban marketing and companies are constantly looking for solutions that allow them to target customers. Moreover, the country enables us to efficiently look at the French and German markets", added Alberto Dalmasso. "The success here has sparked our ambition: not only do we want to double the number of Luxembourg customers and merchants by 2022, we also want to become the European market leader in digital payment over the next five years".

With more than 1.8 million consumers and 160,000 merchants across the three countries where it is currently active (Luxembourg, Germany and Italy), Satispay has grown on an international level as well. Last year alone, it managed to double the number of merchants in its network.