Nextimmo and Albalux have announced a new strategic partnership aimed at facilitating access to housing in Luxembourg.

In a context where the real estate market is experiencing significant fluctuations, two innovative players have decided to join forces to facilitate access to housing in the Grand Duchy., the country's first hybrid agency, and Albalux, a recognised specialist in real estate brokerage, have now formed a strategic alliance aimed at simplifying and optimising the home buying journey for future homeowners.

This partnership combines Nextimmo's real estate expertise with Albalux's financial know-how, promising to offer an improved user experience and easier access to Luxembourg's real estate market. The integrated credit calculation tool on Nextimmo listings now allows users to obtain a reliable estimate of their borrowing capacity.

The benefits of this collaboration are expected to go beyond increased efficiency for potential buyers. According to Nextimmo and Albalux, they also mark a "significant" evolution in how real estate and financial services can work together to meet consumer needs. By pooling their resources and expertise, Nextimmo and Albalux aim to demonstrate that a holistic and integrated approach to the real estate market can not only improve the customer experience but also stimulate the real estate sector as a whole.

The main benefits of this cooperation for individuals have been described as follows: simplified home buying process; access to a wider range of services; optimal financing conditions; personalised support; positive impact on the local real estate market.

Established in 2022, Nextimmo has emerged as an innovative solution to the challenges facing the Luxembourg real estate sector. By promoting free listing publication and commission sharing based on success, Nextimmo has convinced nearly 100 real estate agencies to join its platform. There are now over 1,700 regularly updated listings on

Albalux, for its part, is an institution in the world of mortgage brokerage in Luxembourg. It serves to negotiate advantageous financing offers with partner banks, both Luxembourgish and international.