L-R: Arnold Jakobs, Alderman; Taina Bofferding, Minister of the Interior; Jeff Gangler, Mayor of Boulaide; Credit: MINT

Luxembourg's Ministry of the Interior has announced the swearing-in of the new mayor and a new alderman of the municipality of Boulaide, located in the canton of Wiltz in north-western Luxembourg.

By Grand-Ducal decree of 25 August 2021, Jeff Gangler was appointed to the functions of mayor of the municipality of Boulaide. By ministerial decree of 9 September 2021, Arnold Jakobs was appointed alderman for the municipality.

On Thursday morning, both Mr Gangler and Mr Jakobs took the following oath, as prescribed by the relevant municipal law, before Luxembourg's Minister of the Interior, Taina Bofferding:

"I swear loyalty to the Grand Duke, to observe the Constitution and the laws of the country, and to fulfill with zeal, accuracy, integrity and impartiality the functions entrusted to me".