The Grand Ducal Police have reported that a motorist suffered serious injuries in a road accident in Bertrange in south-western Luxembourg on Thursday afternoon.

At around 14:20 on Thursday 13 April 2023, a serious traffic accident occurred on the N34A in the direction of Merl when a car and a light vehicle collided. There were two people in each vehicle at the time of the collision, the cause of which has not yet been determined. 

One of the drivers was taken to hospital with serious injuries after having received first aid at the scene. The passenger of the light vehicle, as well as the car driver and passenger were also taken to hospital for medical treatment.

The public prosecutor's office ordered the confiscation of the vehicles involved in the accident and entrusted the police with the on-site investigation.

The route, which had been closed to traffic throughout the operation, reopened at around 16:20 on Thursday.