In 2022, a total of 42,094 new cars were registered in Luxembourg; 1999 was the last year for such a low figure (40,989 cars). 

The annual decrease observed is 2,278 vehicles, i.e. a decline of -5.1% compared to 2021, which was already down on recent years. 

This phenomenon can be explained by a number of issues, including the COVID pandemic, delivery delays, inflation and uncertainty as to the choice of engine (internal combustion vs electric). The year where most new cars were registered was 2019 with 55,008.

The share of electric cars in new car registrations reached 15.2% in 2022, whereas they represented only 10.5% of new cars in 2021. Hybrid vehicles are holding up and even progressing slightly with a share of 28.2% (vs. 26.3% in 2021).

The enthusiasm for electric vehicles began in 2020.

Top 10 - most registered car brands in 2022


2.MERCEDES: 4,044

3.AUDI: 3,798

4.BMW: 3,750

5.PEUGEOT: 3,330

6.SKODA: 1,937

7.OPEL: 1,564

8.RENAULT: 1,562

9.FIAT: 1,545

10.HYUNDAI: 1,411