Diversion routes; Credit: ACT

Luxembourg's Roads Authority has announced that it will be continuing with the renewal of the wearing course of the Hamm (Irrgarten) interchange this coming weekend.

These works foresee the following road closures between 20:00 on Friday 4 October and 06:00 on Monday 7 October 2019: the access roads coming from Sandweiler, Findel and Val de Hamm and in the direction of Schaffner (Irrgarten) roundabout; the slip roads coming from the A1 (Gasperich Cross and Trier) and in the direction of the Irrgarten roundabout; the slip roads at Irrgarten roundabout in the direction of the A1 towards Trier; Irrgarten roundabout; Rue John Mac Adam.

Various diversions will be put in place during this period. Full details are available on the Roads Authority website at https://pch.gouvernement.lu/fr/actualites.gouvernement%2Bfr%2Bactualites%2Btoutes_actualites%2Bcommuniques%2B2019%2B10-octobre%2B01-hamm-irrgarten.html