Credit: Ville de Luxembourg

From Sunday 4 August 2019, the traffic flow on Rue Notre Dame in Luxembourg city centre will be changed as one of the consequences of the roadworks concerning the extension of the LuxTram network.

The reorganisation of traffic flows will actually affect the stretch of Rue Notre-Dame between Rue Chimay and Rue Philippe II, and will directly affect motorists accessing the Kneudler underground car par, for example.

The following traffic changes will apply:

• For motorised traffic:

- The entrance to Rue Notre-Dame will now be via Rue Chimay (in front of Hotel Cravat) with the possibility of turning either left and right at the intersection of the two streets, while Rue Philippe II will only be accessed from Bld Roosevelt by turning towards the Place de Bruxelles and towards the Place de la Constitution.

- The one-way street at Rue Notre-Dame will be reversed for the section between rue Philippe II and rue Chimay. From then on, the direction of traffic will be from Rue Chimay towards Rue Philippe II.

• For cyclists:

- Access to Rue Notre-Dame from Boulevard Roosevelt will be via Rue Philippe II and Rue Chimay. Note that a cycle lane in the opposite direction will be introduced to the section between rue Philippe II and rue Chimay.