On Tuesday 18 January 2022, Luxembourg's Ministry of Health reported 1,324 new COVID-19 (coronavirus) infections; there have been 940 fatalities (two new deaths since Monday) resulting from the virus to date.

1,324 Luxembourg residents tested positive on Tuesday from a total of 3,704 tests carried out the day before, representing 208.59 people per 100,000 inhabitants. The positivity rate was 35.75%. Thursday 13 January 2022 marked the record daily high of 2,312 new cases.

The average daily increase (over a 7-day period) is currently 1726.86. 

A total of 76 people are in hospital with the virus, including nineteen patients in intensive care. 

There are currently 23,714 active infections known, whilst a total of 104,438 people have recovered from the virus to date. The effective reproduction rate in Luxembourg stands at 1.05.

A total of 1,169,338 vaccinations have been carried out in Luxembourg to date (471,942 first doses, 412,660 second doses, 284,736 additional doses). A total of 454,023 people are now fully vaccinated.

The incidence rate (per 100,000 inhabitants) for unvaccinated individuals was 317.35; for vaccinated individuals, this was 161.46. These figures only take into consideration people who returned a positive PCR test.

The above graph shows the evolution of the spread of coronavirus in the Grand Duchy on a daily basis since 1 March 2020, with the orange line showing the daily numbers averaged over the past week; the graph below shows the total figures (cumulative) over the same period.