Hôpital Kirchberg; Credit: HRS

The Hôpitaux Robert Schuman (HRS) have launched a call for applications for a new Managing Director for the hospital group following the departure of Dr Claude Schummer.

Last month, the HRS administrative board decided to put then Managing Director Dr Claude Schummer on "special leave". The move came in response to controversy surrounding the latter's alleged mismanagement of the hospital group's COVID-19 vaccination strategy.

On 16 March 2021, the administrative board appointed HRS Finance Director Sandra Thein as Managing Director in a transition phase.

The HRS confirmed in a press release today that the hospital group and Dr Claude Schummer "have decided to separate and end their working relationship". The HRS are now looking for candidates (from Luxembourg or abroad) for the post of Managing Director. The Board of Directors of the hospital operating company HRS S.A. are thus launching an "open process" to be overseen by an internal selection committee strengthened by external expertise. The recruitment process will be carried out in close collaboration with the medical council and the staff delegation. The selection committee is made up of directors Claude Seywert, Michel Wurth, Marie-Josée Jacobs and Dr Robert Steinmetzer.

Sandra Thein will remain in charge of management until a new Managing Director is appointed.