On Wednesday 21 October 2020, Luxembourg's Ministry of Health reported 416 new COVID-19 (coronavirus) infections yesterday; there have been 138 fatalities (two more fatality since Tuesday) resulting from the virus to date, representing 66.44 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Today, Luxembourg's Minister of Health, Paulette Lenert, explained that 37% of new cases were as a direct result of contact tracing from new cases identified over the past week. She also called on businesses to telework wherever possible and for members of the public to self-isolate as much as possible.

416 Luxembourg residents tested positive on Tuesday from a total of 7,475 tests carried out the day before. Last Sunday marked the previous record high of daily cases with 242 new cases.

The average daily increase (over a 7-day period) in cases is now 230.86. 

As of Wednesday 21 October 2020, 67 people were in hospital with the virus, including six patients in intensive care. There were 3,060 active infections known, whilst a total of 8,473 people have recovered from the virus. 

The effective reproductive number in Luxembourg is currently 1.28.

The above graph shows the evolution of the spread of coronavirus in the Grand Duchy on a daily basis since 1 March 2020, with the orange line showing the daily numbers averaged over the past week; the graph below shows the total figures (cumulative) over the same period.

Since 24 August 2020, the Ministry of Health's published figures only include resident infection numbers, as opposed to earlier figures which included both residents and non-residents (i.e. cross-border workers).