The number of people having tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Luxembourg stands at 7,218 (up 11 from Sunday - 7 residents and 4 non-residents), with 342 residents and 179 non-residents tested over the past 24 hours (on Sunday there are normally much fewer tests done); there have been 121 fatalities (up one since Sunday) resulting from the virus, as of early evening on Monday 10 August 2020.

The average daily increase (over a 7-day period) in cases is now 50.57.  

The number of people currently hospitalised with COVID-19 is 40, with 6 patients in intensive care. The effective reproductive number in Luxembourg is currently 0.72.

The above graph shows the evolution of the spread of coronavirus in the Grand Duchy on a daily basis since 1 March 2020, with the orange line showing the daily numbers averaged over the past week; the graph below shows the total figures (cumulative) over the same period.