The number of people having tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Luxembourg stands at 4,242 (up 25 from Saturday), including 110 fatalities (unchanged) resulting from the virus, as of early evening on Sunday 28 June 2020.

The number of people currently hospitalised with COVID-19 is fourteen, with one patient in intensive care. 952 individuals have been discharged from hospital (including certain short-term stays).

Since the beginning of the crisis, Luxembourg has carried out a total of 177,217 tests.

From Friday's figures (statistical breakdown not released daily from 27 June):

- Of those people having tested positive for coronavirus to date, 3,376 are residents and 797 are non-residents. The average age of those testing positive is 45, with the ratio of men to women being 51.48% / 48.52%, while the median age of the victims (excluding one patient from the Grand Est) who lost their lives to the virus is 84 (average age: 84). The rate of positive tests stands at 0.45%.

- Since the beginning of the crisis, Luxembourg has carried out 129,993 tests on residents and 38,793 on non-residents; currently there are 85 people known to be infected while 3,978 have reportedly recovered from COVID-19. The effective reproductive number in Luxembourg is currently 0.940.

The above graph shows the evolution of the spread of coronavirus in the Grand Duchy on a daily basis since 1 March 2020, with the orange line showing the daily numbers averaged over the past week; the graph below shows the total figures (cumulative) over the same period.