Luxembourg-based clean-tech wastewater treatment company APATEQ announced today that it has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label for profitable environmental solutions.

The labelling refers to APATEQ’s pioneering solution MarinePaq, treating wash water resulting from vessels exhaust gas cleaning.

Following the success of the first solar flight around the world in 2016, Bertrand Piccard, a member of the well-known explorer family, and the Solar Impulse Foundation launched the second phase of their action: selecting 1,000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way. The aim of the programme is to demonstrate to decision-makers the financial profitability of clean technologies and therefore, push governments to adopt more ambitious energy policies and environmental targets.

APATEQ applied for a membership in the Solar Impulse programme, presenting its cutting-edge MarinePaq technology contributing to the reduction of vessels emissions. Shipping fleets running with heavy bunker oil produce emissions harming the fragile ecosystem of the sea and coastal areas of many regions worldwide. As international regulations have been issued to limit the emissions from vessels, the MarinePaq addresses both ecological and economical concerns. More than 100 systems are operational on ships worldwide, including some of the world’s largest container vessels.

The solution presented with the MarinePaq was assessed and formally validated by several independent experts based on five criteria: credibility of concept, scalability, environmental benefits, client’s economic incentive and seller’s profitability. The MarinePaq was found to meet all requirements and was officially awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label in May 2020. Being part of the programme, APATEQ benefits from a vast network of innovators, industrial experts, decision-makers and investors.

All solutions that have been already selected and labelled to be included in the 1,000 solutions portfolio, including the MarinePaq, can be found at