Dunlop Sport Classic; Credit: Goodyear

The Dunlop Sport Classic, developed by Goodyear, has topped German car magazine Auto Bild Klassik's vintage tyre test for the second year in a row.

Auto Bild Klassik recognised the Dunlop Sport Classic for its precise steering, very good aquaplaning performance, short braking distance on a wet surface and its overall harmonic driving experience.

The Dunlop Sport Classic stood out in multiple wet tests. When driving on Dunlop, the car (an Austin Healy 3000) only started aquaplaning at a speed of 92,5 km/h, winning this wet grip test by a landslide. The average speed the other seven tyres could maintain before aquaplaning was 80.1 km/h. The Dunlop tyres also propelled the Austin to the shortest lap time on a wet track thanks to its optimal grip in wet conditions.

Lastly, the Dunlop Sport Classic recorded the third best performance in both wet braking when driving 100 km/h (51,8 metres on a test average of 57 metres) and wet handling: bolstering the Austin Healy 3000 to an average speed of 68.9 km/h compared to a test average of 65.8 km/h. With an average speed of 82km/h on a dry Austrian Wachauring track, the Dunlop Sport Classic topped all other tyres in the dry handling test.