Thierry Goniva, CTO at B Medical Systems; Credit: B Medical Systems

On Tuesday 16 August 2022, Luxembourg-based B Medical Systems, a world leader in the field of medical cold chain, announced the appointment of Thierry Goniva as Chief Technology Officer; in his new role, Thierry Goniva will assume responsibility for all research and development activities of B Medical Systems.

Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems, said “Technology plays a vital role in everything we do at B Medical Systems. Innovation, reliability and superior performance are the 3 main pillars of our product development strategy. We are delighted to welcome Thierry Goniva to our team. His leadership and experience in the technology arena will undoubtedly strengthen our product portfolio and drive the growth of B Medical Systems.”
Goniva brings over 20 years of experience to B Medical Systems, having most recently served as Director of Strategy, Innovation and Marketing for IEE S.A. Goniva has extensive experience in product and business development, programme management and business process implementation. Thierry Goniva holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and speaks English, Luxembourgish, French, German and Japanese.
“The current context is a key moment to guide my career in the medical refrigeration sector and more specifically by joining one of the leaders in the field. B Medical Systems is known for its constant innovation. It impacts millions of people around the world. I look forward to meeting the growing demand in the medical refrigeration industry and delivering innovative and reliable products that help save millions of lives around the world,” said Thierry Goniva.


B Medical Systems s.a.r.l., based in Luxembourg, is one of the pioneers in the medical equipment industry. The company specialises in the research, development and manufacture of professional refrigerators and freezers, storage and safe transport and management solutions for blood, blood components and vaccines. The company offers more than 100 products across three main solution portfolios: vaccine cold chain, medical refrigeration and blood management. B Medical Systems' main products include vaccine refrigerators (Ice-Lined and Solar Direct Drive refrigerators), laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, pharmacy refrigerators, ultra-low temperature freezers and transport boxes. All products have built-in 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities which further ensure that these products provide the highest level of security and reliability. B Medical Systems products are used in more than 140 countries and number 500,000 worldwide. B Medical Systems has subsidiaries in the United States and India.