Credit: STATEC

According to ADEM, Luxembourg's unemployment agency, the number of resident jobseekers available for work as at 30 September 2021 stood at 15,641; over one year, this represents a decrease of 2,234 people, or 12.5%.

Compared to the previous month, there were 482 fewer available resident jobseekers at the end of September 2021.

The unemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal variations, calculated by STATEC, now stands at 5.5%, almost returning to pre-crisis levels.

While unemployment was generally on the decline, long-term unemployment, i.e. the number of jobseekers registered with ADEM for at least twelve months, continued to rise. More than half (52%) of available resident jobseekers were affected by long-term unemployment - an unprecedented level.

Employment Measures

In September 2021, 2,805 residents registered with ADEM (2,082 in August 2021), a decrease of 185 people or 6.2% compared to September 2020.

The number of resident jobseekers assigned to an employment measure stood at 4,479 as of 30 September 2021. Over one year, this constitutes an increase of 526 people, or 11.7%.

Employment Benefit

A total of 7,819 residents received full unemployment benefit. Over one year, this represents a decrease of 1,743 people, or 18.2%.

Open Positions

During the month of September 2021, employers declared 4,299 vacant positions to ADEM. Over one year, this constitutes an increase of 38.1%. 

The number of available positions reached a record high at 10,708 (exceeding the 10,000 mark for the first time), up 60.1% over one year.

The main sectors currently seeking candidates are accounting and auditing (1,576 vacancies), construction and crafts (1,489), information and communication technologies (956), banking and finance (772 ) and hospitality (748).