CSSF Executive Board (L-R): Françoise Kauthen; Claude Wampach; Claude Marx; Marco Zwick; Jean-Pierre Faber; Credit: CSSF

Jean-Pierre Faber has been reappointed Director of Luxembourg's financial watchdog, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

On the proposal of the Government Council, His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg has decided to renew the mandate of Jean-Pierre Faber as Director of the CSSF for a period of five years.

Jean-Pierre Faber began his career at the consulting firm Arthur Andersen, before joining EY Luxembourg, where he worked on organisational, financial and IT issues for national and international clients. In 2010, he acted as Director of Operations in charge of implementing the group strategy in relation to the support functions, IT and the construction of the firm's new headquarters in Luxembourg.

In 2016, Mr Faber was appointed Director of the CSSF, where he was in charge of the areas of administration, finance and human resources. He was notably entrusted with the implementation of the CSSF 4.0 transformation strategy.

The CSSF Executive Board is currently composed of Managing Director Claude Marx and Directors Françoise Kauthen, Jean-Pierre Faber, Marco Zwick and Claude Wampach.