Luxembourg's Groupement des Entrepreneurs du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics has announced that Marc Giorgetti will succeed Jean-Marc Kieffer as President of the Groupement. 

In addition to structural and societal risks, the pandemic has raised many challenges, as well as opportunities, for companies, particularly in the construction sector. The current president of the Groupement, Jean-Marc Kieffer, was forced to make a choice between the presidency of the construction group CDCL and the presidency of the Groupement, since both activities could not be ensured in parallel adequately.

Jean-Marc Kieffer explained: “The mandate of President of the Groupement is certainly very rewarding, but also quite time-consuming and complex, given the number of important subjects to be dealt with almost daily". Consequently, he decided to focus exclusively on the strategic development of his family business in his role as President of the Board of Directors of CDCL, an industrial group which he manages hand in hand with Max Didier, who was recently appointed as managing director.

Already in December 2020, Jean-Marc Kieffer signaled to his colleagues that he would probably be forced to withdraw from the presidency of the Groupement and take on a more limited role in line with his busy schedule.

As of 20 January 2021, following the suggestion of the outgoing president, the members of the Groupement Board of Directors unanimously agreed to appoint the current Vice-President Marc Giorgetti, Manager of the Félix Giorgetti group, as the new President of the Board of Directors of the Groupement. Christophe Thiry, Director of the company Karp-Kneip, will take over as Vice-President.

Jean-Marc Kieffer commented: “I know that Marc, supported by Christophe, will continue to work in continuity and that he will defend the causes of the sector and the interests of the Groupement with the same fervor as I have applied to it since 2016".

The transfer of power will be gradual, as Jean-Marc Kieffer will remain a member of the Board of Directors of the Groupement and, in this way, will be able to ensure the handing-over of all current files with his successor, who noted: "Jean-Marc did a great job. Like him, I will be at the service of our members and will defend our interests - but also those of our customers - such as the urgent and burdensome issue of insufficient deposits of inert materials”.